Happy Anniversary

by Rutaq, 345 days ago

 I stumbled across a link to our Guild website a couple weeks ago and did a bit of reminiscing and wanted to give a shout out to everyone.   Xel, Skar, Terra, Kold, Roegnar, Fae, Speed, Grim, Sufi, Raydak, Starielle, Braytak, Drazhar, Fahkohr, Cheese, Strrapp, Kay,  and all the others I am missing....

Happy Anniversary INSTINCT,  we may not have played EQ2 for an entire year but it was some of my best times playing an MMO and I met a ton of cool people.  

I think our original goal of playing and MMO together as a group was an amazing idea but sadly our plan went astray, things got in our way like the temptation to solo to max level, the faceroll lower level group content and honestly the Guild council, including myself had a lot of learning to do.  None of us had run such a large guild but that didn't stop us from trying  :)
It is 12 months later to the day... I still have tons of memories of the fun we had and miss you guys.
I hope Real Life is treating you well and hope one day we bump into each other online.
-Mark.  aka RuTaq
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